WhatsApp, announced the integration OF sending and receiving of cryptocurrencies

The most awaited news by cryptoinvestors has finally arrived: the most used messaging app in the world, WhatsApp, has finally announced that it is about to integrate an innovative function that will allow the sending and receiving of cryptocurrencies within the same app; this will be possible thanks to a millionaire agreement with one of the most famous crypto exchanges in the world.
WhatsApp, as everyone knows, is used daily by about 2 billion users around the world, despite being banned in China.
This technological innovation will only be able to further increase the number of users of the app and the usefulness they derive from it.
Finally, we must not forget that WhatsApp belongs to the Facebook group, which has recently changed its name to Meta, a transition that will focus on futuristic technological innovations, first of all the Metaverse (a sort of virtual reality shared via the internet, where an user is represented in 3D through his avatar), whose innovations will be at the heart of the future of humanity.

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