Elon Musk denies creating BTC in 2009

During his last appearance at an event with Lex Fridman, Elon Musk once again denied that he was the creator of the Bitcoin known under the mysterious pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. For some time, in fact, many people have argued that he was the eccentric entrepreneur who created the world’s first cryptocurrency back in January 2009. Elon Musk also reiterated his idea that, due to its extreme latency, bitcoin cryptocurrency is useful as a store of value, but is useless as a currency for payments.

On the contrary, Elon Musk instead pointed out that dogecoin – his favorite crypto – has a much higher transaction volume capacity than the king of cryptocurrencies and much lower fees:

“Right now, if you want to do a bitcoin transaction, the price of doing that transaction it’s very loud, so you couldn’t use it effectively for most things, and neither could it scale loud.”

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