Decentralized Digital Wallet and Crypto Currency Platform

Personal Segregated Wallet

DMGlobal is building a revolutionary payment ecosystem, opening new opportunities, featuring stable and cost-effective Crypto transactions, banking & invoicing, international remittance, an internal exchange between crypto & fiat currencies, and much more! Check it out, create your free account.
Sign up to our online financial management system – it’s easy as 1-2-3: You will be able to send and receive Crypto and make purchases through the DMGlobal platform (BTC-BCH-LTC-ETH).

1. Register for an Account for Free!

Within 2 weeks from registration, buy 100 DMG token to activate all wallet functions. (Annual fee.

2. Create your Segregated Wallet!

Set and keep your Master Password safe, only you have access to your wallet!.

3. Manage your fiat and Crypto!

Your wallet is now ready to receive or send payments and perform transactions.


The Digital Money Global Coin is a payment and utility hybrid coin with a fixed value and therefor very limited fluctuation. It’s issued to purchase goods or services inside the DMGlobal ecosystem itself. A real value to carry on your wallet and to make borderless international transactions at any time.

The DMG Coin also serves as a support mechanism for the community, specifically, you’re helping spread the word of the project and the DMGlobal Payment Systems – Thank you for being a part of the global community!

Crypto Trading Platform

Enjoy trading your assets on your own behalf on decentralized exchanges all over the world. Our revolutionary Trading System allows you to trade uninterrupted and still maintain full control of your funds (will be released Q4 2021)!

DMGlobal Community - Documents

Together we’ve created an ethical, true, and global community that believes in sharing. That’s why a part of the payment system transaction fees are put aside and spread across community projects and commission rebates. Our global community It is a safe place to be, to exchange, to learn more and to respect each other. We also created a Uni-Level referral plan for those who want to help build the community and become financially independent while doing so. Feel free to download the referral plan for more details.
Soft cap 5,000,000
Supply 100,000,000 DMG
Price 1 DMG = 1.00 USD
Accepted Currencies BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, Euro, USD via credit card or SEPA transfer.






Francesco Zangarini

CMO - Chief Marketing Officer

Ada Cecilia Valbuena

Communication Manager Spain & LATAM