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How to quote and use single quotes

When single quotes are used, this substitution is not performed. In the UK, the use of single or double quotes for direct speech depends on the editorial style, but both are acceptable..

Whether they are single or dual, it depends on the same terms used when choosing single or dual use for other purposes. In your example, they are singles because they are enclosed in a dialog string that is already enclosed in double quotes. So when using quotes within pairs, make them single. When using quotes inside singles, use duplicate.

Quotes in the headlines

Sarah, in the case of AmE, single quotes are not used for this purpose. But when using them, remember that while you can use singles for dialogue in BrE, always use doubles for AmE. And in BrE if you use doubles you do not want to use singles occasionally, probably for effect..

. In discussions of linguistics or phonetics, a foreign word is italicized, and if it follows a definition, that definition is attached in single quotes. In fiction, at least with American English, it is actually possible to use single quotes rather than quotes within another rating. .

Jason, you may have heard quotes used in such a way called intimidating quotes. Intimidating quotes imply that the word is being used in a particular way, perhaps, as you mentioned, to indicate that the speaker did not consider the victim a victim…

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