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How to write a compelling conclusion for your essay

The conclusion should answer the research question and help the reader quickly grasp the main results. The main results should be easy to read in their generalized form.. Finally, it is necessary to emphasize the structure and sound argumentation in the research work. The conclusion is the last part or paragraph in any academic writing..

For most undergraduate works, one or two well-developed paragraphs are sufficient for one conclusion, although in some cases three or more paragraphs may be required. While you can encourage readers to question their thoughts and reflect on your topic, do not ignore completed meetings. You need to come up with a solution and make sure your conclusion meets your arguments..

Pay special attention to explaining why your dissertation is relevant to the research field and how your research results tea. Writing a conclusion may seem difficult, but it will be easier if you think of it as a place to do a summary of your article….

Furthermore, the conclusion explains how the article makes a valuable contribution to a specific area of ​​research. Furthermore, weaknesses are mentioned and discussed, and conclusions are drawn that lead to suggestions for future research. You can leave the writing of the entry at a later stage in the essay writing process. Some people write the introduction only after completing the rest of the essay…

But in academic circles, the main thing is the shared generation of knowledge. Even freshmen can offer an original perspective on a topic that will force their teachers to take a fresh look at the topic. Maybe they will even incorporate this new perspective into their classroom activities, or they write the next paper. Do not underestimate how much fun it is for instructors. And do not underestimate how much your instructor – with a pile of fifty or a hundred essays to analyze – will appreciate a written, animated essay that reads satisfactorily from start to finish…

And if the essay contains at least the germs of an original idea, then your job is to sell it. Your task is to highlight what is new and innovative about your argument and to interest the reader….

A predictive or recommendatory sentence

This source describes the generally accepted structure of introductions, key paragraphs, and conclusions in a scientific argumentation article. Remember, this resource contains guidelines, not strict organizational guidelines. Your structure needs to be flexible enough to fit the requirements of your target and audience. The final sentence of your essay is just as, and sometimes even more, difficult to write than its introduction. A good understanding of key ideas and coherence, as well as the ability to think abstractly are the characteristics of competent authors..

Start your conclusion by repeating the thesis, but do not repeat it verbatim. Then use 1-2 sentences to summarize your arguments, putting all your arguments together so that Explain how your evidence supports the thesis. Conclude the article with a statement that makes the reader think, such as evoking a strong image or ending a call to action..

Then reread and correct your conclusion to make it effective. As you will see from these three examples, there are many different ones ways to conclude the essay and summarize its main points. It is true that not all essays are equally useful to read..

It basically summarizes the main findings, conclusions or central ideas of what is written. Depending on the type of thesis or report you are writing, a conclusion can be a call to action created to motivate readers. but, The main purpose of most findings is to summarize what was learned during the report / thesis. The main purpose of the conclusion is to provide an answer / solution to the research question presented in the introduction…

Importers It is important to understand that a poorly written conclusion leaves a negative impression that can be overshadowed too much well written body. From your point of view, as an author, the results are very clear and understandable..

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Others write the introduction first, but rewrite it considerably in light of what they end up saying in the main body of their article. The conclusion is intended to help the reader understand why your search should matter to them once they come Examples finished reading the newspaper. A conclusion is not just a summary of the main topics covered or a reformulation of your research problem, but a synthesis of the main points and, if applicable, where you recommend new areas for future research…